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My Story

Scentsy began in 2004. My Scentsy journey began in February of 2008, when I went to visit my sister. Her house smelled amazing. She showed me her Scentsy warmer and said, "This is why my house smells so incredible. I can leave it on as long or as little as I want, and I can change the scent depending on the season, the time of day, or my mood." I put the warmer to the test while visiting, and was blown away by its potency and safety. I was instantly hooked - Shelli put me in touch with her friend and consultant, Jennifer, because I wanted to order warmers and wax for my house......and my mom's house.......and my friend's houses........

It only took Jennifer two minutes to convince me that I should sell Scentsy - What an opportunity! The timing in my life was perfect - I was looking for a reason to quit my second job. My short term goal was: Quit my second job, sell Scentsy for about six months to make some extra cash, and then I won't feel like I wasted $99 on the starterkit when I quit selling. I never joined Scentsy with the intention of doing this for over six months.

And then things with Scentsy started happening...13 years later, I am a Scentsy SuperStar Director, the highest title you can achieve with Scentsy. I earned the Hawaii Incentive Trip, the Boston Beantown Bash Incentive Trip for my spouse and I, and the Magical Memories Trip to Disney World. We have "Rocked the Republic" Scentsy-style in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and traveled back to Hawaii, thanks to Scentsy. And because of Scentsy, I have been on a Mexican Cruise and a Cruise to the Bahamas, and traveled to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, Catalina, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Boise, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Kansas City, Disneyland and a Global Top 100 spot for Scentsy's African Safari Incentive! Needless to say, Scentsy has made me a World Traveler!

Scentsy has afforded opportunities for me and my family that I wouldn't have otherwise. I am FULLTIME with Scentsy, all while doing something that doesn't feel like work!

I LOVE this company, I love my Scentsy Team, and I most love my customers like you!